Federation League

Hello again! R.B. here and in this issue I would like to talk to you about my friends in the Wadi Degla Federation League and their work outs. Our league trains 6 times a week, for about 45 minutes. The riders are paired up with their horses over a period of 2 months. During these 2 months, riders are allocated 2-3 horses according to their level, and the horse with whom they have the best chemistry then becomes their horse for the duration of the competitive season. The season begins from late September to early October through to late April or early May. During this time, competitions are held at different clubs throughout Cairo, Hurghada, and Alexandria and all riders compete at a national level. The organization responsible for the competitions is called the Egyptian Equestrian Federation.
Our league is divided into 2 areas of riding. The first is show jumping and the second is dressage. Our show jumping riders’ age range from 10 to 29 years old. Our league competes in jumping fences from the heights of 80-90cm to 135cm. When a rider is allocated a horse in the league, his horse is only ridden by him for training and for competing. Our show jumping team is made up of 19 different horses. Of these 19, some horses are local breed, and others are Hanoverian, Oldenberg, and Dutch Warmblood. Foreign horses have a much bigger body, are much heavier, and are capable of jumping higher than the Egyptian horses. I, myself, am a foreign horse but I’ve happily been living in Egypt for many years. Our second area of riding is called dressage. We have 4 riders competing in the A classes until the D classes. The dressage competitions begin and end at the same time as the show jumping competitions.
I have taken the liberty of sharing a few photos from our training session with you. Let me know what you think, any thoughts or comments you might have, I will ALWAYS reply!

IMG_3745 IMG_3754 IMG_3713 IMG_3772 IMG_3725IMG_3839That’s me! I am 17.5hh.


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